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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is there parking at the terminal?
A. There are 10 free parking bays at the terminal and paid parking on Home Point Parade.

Q. Do cruises operate in any weather?
A. Our cruises are a fantastic option in inclement weather. Vessels are heated in winter and cool in summer and covered.

Q. Is smoking available on board?
A. Only on the forward deck of Tamar Odyssey and aft deck of Lady Launceston.

Q. Can I bring food on board?
A. Snacks can be taken on our 50min Cataract Gorge Cruise. Cruises on Tamar Odyssey are catered. We cater for any dietary/health requirements; please let our kind staff know in advance.

Q. Are there toilets on board?
A. Both vessels have clean, accessible marine toilets on board.

Q. Are vessels wheel chair friendly?
A. Both vessels allow wheel chair access. Some low chairs may have issues. Please let our kind staff know in advance.

Q. Is seasickness a problem?
A. Motion sickness is a rarity on the calm waters.

Q. Do all cruises go in to the Cataract Gorge?
A. Of course! We wouldn't want you to miss it. It's the highlight of every cruise.

Q. Can infants be taken on board?
A. Absolutely, please let us know to add them to the manifest.